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Toyota Trueno Ae111 Bzg - How To Lower?


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Hi All...

I have a 1995 Trueno BZG AE111... i am running 17" alloys with 40mm profile tyres...

it desperately needs lowering... i have an absolute bus ride to the arches at the mo! (talking like 80mm on the front!)

any advice greatly appreciated.. have spent lots of time researching, but cant find a supplier that can say 100% the springs will fit my car.

has anyone lowered a Trueno? would also really appreciated any advice re; amount to lower. im thinking at least 40mm (?)

thanks for reading, any help appreciated.





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Oh! also.

my BZG is an auto... does anyone actually know what the "manual" and "power" buttons do!? are they purely a gimmick? i cant really tell if they are actually doing anything, so never use them!

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Fensport have lowering springs off the shelf.

AE110・111 MacPherson strut suspension

Full Set 48130-AE100 1 28, 000yen  

Contents of set

48131-AE911 (2) 7, 000 Front K=31.4N/mm

48231-AE011 (2) 7, 000 Rear K=29.4N/mm

Fensport are the TRD deistributor for the UK, for the TRD Lowering Springs, 40mm drop, 48130-AE100, Price is £169.95 + VAT, take about 6 weeks.

They do have some alternatives from stock, got this in an email from them.

Coil Springs ideal for Fast Road use - Excellent ride quality - A complete set of 4, approx 35mm reduction in ride height £109.00

Thats plus VAT, and are ex stock.

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you can combine the springs with the Tokico HP (blues) shocks for a lovely setup, I'm currently using that on my Trueno which I autocross

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I've got Jamex springs in my 93' Corolla (shares the same suspension as most of the Truenos) which drops it about 40-45mm.

I'd recommend them if you can get your hands on some.

Couple of pics of the drop:



EDIT: Just noticed the age of this thread, lol. Hope the info comes in handy to someone anyway.

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Oh! also.

my BZG is an auto... does anyone actually know what the "manual" and "power" buttons do!? are they purely a gimmick? i cant really tell if they are actually doing anything, so never use them!


I am interested in buying a Trueno BZ G Auto 1997 and was wondering if you could help answer some questions.

. Is it true that the BZG Trueno has around 160 hp?

. I noticed their is power and MANU buttons for ECT. Is the MANU button when pressed, for faster acceleration then the Power Button?

. Are the parts for the BZ G Trueno the same from Corolla? Eg- Alternator, Radiator etc. or do I have to import the parts?

. How much does the fuel tank hold and do I have to run it on Premium?

. How much would it cost to fill the tank on premium fuel?

. Which body kits are available for the Trueno and where from?

Hope you can help answer the questions and thanks.

Email rzues@yahoo.com

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160 bhp is only what the manufacturer quotes, and that is at the flywheel! many parts are simillar to the corolla, such as brakes, discs, suspension. altough, the set up is totally different if you got super-strut suspension. the trueno will have 4age 20v engine which, afaik, will be different to the corolla! parts will not be a problem as you can go into any toyota dealership and order parts through their parts department! i have a BZG in the UK and so far getting OEM parts is not an issue, you might have to wait as they order the parts in from japan! saying that i would have thought it would be easier for you as there is a big levin / trueno community in AUS / NZ!

i think the tank holds about 45litres, although dont quote me on that, in terms of how much it takes to fill up i wouldnt know. i tend to fill the car up twice a week as i dont see the point in carryin the extra fuel around, which will slow you down thus lower your mpg!

you dont have to run the car on premium fuel but i've always done it, people swears that the car runs like a pig on normal fuel! also worth noting is that the car would've run on 100 octane in japan so it would make sense to use fuel as close to that as possible.

there are a few companies that does kits for the AE111 such as TRD, C-one, Bomex are they ones that most people go for! altough the factory kits are actually quite nice too, subtle but effective!

you should check out clubae111.com, a forum dedicated to our cars plus a lot of the members there are from aus / nz who should be able to direct you of any queries.

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