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well basically ive got two batterys which are charged by one alternator and controlled by a little box of tricks (a big relay!)

when the ignition is off the 2nd Battery is separated from the cars electrical system but is still connected to the ICE. this means i could have a sound off and flatten the 2nd Battery but still be able to crack the car up on the first one!

the box connects the 2nd Battery back into the chargin system once the engine is running, which then charges the battery back up again.

the benfit is the car has its origninal supply to work from and doesnt have to compete with the install, it also stops lights dimming etc....

only thing is i could do with a bigger alternator becasue the other one is under strain a bit by now.

theres lots of ways to do it, my particualr system relays on the batters to be both identical aswell due to the regualtor on the alternator coming on and off.


you can get a special split charger that can charge any type of different batterys but is about 250 quid!

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