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2003 Sequoia Sr5 Question?


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Just bought a brand new 2003 Sequoia SR5 couple months ago (16 miles). We love everything about it except that we hear from time to time some clicking noise (around the radio/cd/AC control panel area) when we make a turn. I took it to the toyota dealer and they told me that there is nothing wrong with it. I don't know if mine is the only one with this problem. The dealer said it has something to do with electronic control relay sound or something like that. Also, I plan to put in a navigation system but do not know what is best or is there a way to put one in. In addition. sometime, when the AC is on, it produced some unpleasant odor??? Any help or suggestion is greatly appreciated.


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The unpleasant odor, sort of like rotten eggs, does not come from the a/c, it is related to hard acceleration and the anti-pollution catalytic converter. I also have a 2003 SR5 and I have noticed the odor even with the a/c off and with the windows close or open but always right after I step on the gas hard. It only lasts for a minute or less.

I have read quite a few other postings about the same issue in different web site clubs.

Juan C. Vega

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The clicking sound that you mentioned I hear it from time to time, but nothing that I would consider annoying, then again I always have the stereo on so maybe that buffers the sound.

The odor also went a way, they told me it had to do with new a car and some excess lubrication

. :blink:

Occasionally when is cold I can smell that funny smell but that is from the catalytic converter, then again I live in the Bay Area, CA so it does not get that cold :D

Now is my turn:

I do think it was pretty stupid that Sequoia does not offer any GPS system, I was just wondering what are you considering, because from what I have seen I have choices between losing the current stereo system, or adding a hide-away DVD ROM and monitor which not only would clutter that area, but would be somewhat distracting.

Also, does anyone have a good suggestion for a rear view camera with Small monitor.

Any help is appreciated

Diving Mullah

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