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Booked The Bugger In


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Apparantly, go can conceal two wires, you could clip them under/behind your sideskirts... then if the time comes that your battery fails: just connect a little 9v battery to the two wires... and the door will pop open.

Just don't tell the insurance company .. Shhhh ..

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Good advice, they tend to get upset about things like that, though TBH you'ld have to be a very well informed criminal to know that, I dobt most have the intelligence!

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Got any decent sized pictures?

Decent sized pictures....what Jimlad needs is a decent size signature........

F :censor: kin' hell........how big is that.........it's nearly two screens wide on my PC, I have to scroll along to read it all !! :D

Think I'll have to change my resolution to get it all in one go :thumbsup:

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it could be because the pic of the orange/silver mr2 is so big it stretches out the width of the forum a bit.

Good point, took so long to load up that I didn't get to see that.......I thought you were the culprit !!!

Sorry chief :wacko::thumbsup:

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