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One Bad Ass Five Door Yaris


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sorry but that's hideous!

it's the most plastic looking bad taste yaris i've seen...

it's like some sort of weird merc A-class crossbred with a yaris with a body kit that looks as if he knocked together in his shed, then proceeded to attatch to the car with model glue!

plus all that extra weight means it's going to be even SLOWER... what's he playing at??

how much has that cost as well???

(rant just about over)

dear me. :eek:

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hmm.... not sure i like the grille nor the big shiny wheels - am sure he/she does though, so in a way it's good to see what things look good and not so good on someone else's car before plunging into your own pockets, right?!


Pav :arrgg-matey:

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ok first guy must have bad eyesight 1:that car isnt nice and 2:look were he's parked bang in the middle of two spaces,he should have gone to specsavers :eek:

don't know if it's really that low though look's like it's from cali,your pretty bad ***** out there if you've bigger wheels on the back than the front,pity the doors open blocking the veiw.

second car the clio well it's got a "max power" sticker in the back window..............nuff said :lol:

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um... the clio was actually posted to convey my feelings about how awful the yaris was... in a metaphorical way.. sorry if that was misinterpreted...

I was saying with that link, the yaris was no better than the clio.

and that's how I really feel about it, that yaris just looks plastic and horrible.. ewwww.

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