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Win A Vw Golf


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If your 30th birthday is just around the corner, then far from being a

day for checking those wrinkles and looking for grey hairs, it could

be your best yet - thanks to Volkswagen.

Volkswagen is trying to track down those due to celebrate their 30th

birthday on 30th January 2004, as this day coincides with the launch

of the fifth generation Golf.  Not only that, but 2004 signals the 30th

anniversary of the debut of the first version of Volkswagen's

best-seller.  So if the company finds you, you could win a new Golf -

surely a better gift than wrinkle cream.

There are approximately 1,800 individuals in the UK who were born on

30th January 1974, and so who could potentially enter the competition.

Making them aware of the opportunity will be all part of the fun.

The only way to enter is to register your details at

http://www.winanewgolf.co.uk, a special site which has been set up.

And whoever is picked as the lucky winner after the draw closes at

23:59 hours on Sunday 25th January, will be asked to provide

recognised photo identity (such as a passport) as well as their birth


The competition is open now, and the winner will be able to collect

their new Golf on 30th January, coinciding with the new car's launch

and the winner's birthday celebrations.

Good luck!

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I will be 30 on Monday 26th January (gulp, 12 days to go :crybaby: ).

Missed it by just 4 days (not my fault as I was almost 1 month overdue, so I couldn't expect my mum to last another 4 days)

What a good competition though.

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