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Paseo Taillights

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Hi everybody,

Does anyone know of anywhere that sells aftermarket taillights for the Paseo. I really like the Lexus style lights, but cant find anyone that sells them or any other styles for the Paseo!!! :crybaby::help:

Also i know there have already been discussions about backboxes for the Seo's and i really like the rage sp backbox's. Would these be that hard to fit? :crybaby::help:

Can anyone help??

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hey, welcome to the club.

there aint no aftermarket rear clusters for the seo. (that i know of anyways) the only thing to do is get a set from another car that you like and make em fit with a lot of fibreglass or summin....

as for the backboxes, i guess you could use any universal backbox, but i would reconmend custom cat back piping to make it fit. but then you may as well get the whole thing custom built....

hope this helps.

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powerflow can be hit and miss with quality. looking at some of the responses on the forums, some guys have had no problem with em at all, while others are plagued with em!

simon (97paseo) has a powerflow i belive and without any problems?

i guess it depends in which powerflow dealer you have near you. if there are other norwhich customers of powerflow that you know of, then its worth getting their advice on the local supplier.

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Welcome to the site mate :thumbsup:

I know what you mean about Lexus style lights, I'd love em but searched everywhere and apart from somebody on Paseo Pimp making custom ones I've never seen em :(

Don't forget to post pics of your car, we're a nosey bunch on here :P

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Hi ppl,

Thanks for the welcome,there are some pics on the uk gallery around page 79-80 i think. It's a silver gen 2 paseo but for ease here are some pics. The picture with the neons doesnt show my blue washer jets and i still have my old alloys on!!!!!!

I've also got a more in depth look at my car on cardomain to view Click here

I love the Paseo i think its a majorly understated car.






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nice 'seo mate

good choice on the alloys... but IMO next step is lowering springs...

as Jag (mellow_yellow) said - nobody makes aftermarket lights - David from paseopimp had mr2 back lights but im not sure how much it cost him to have them molded in - probably quite a bit...

ive always loved either silver or black paseo's - i think my respray will combine the 2 somehow :unsure:


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Welcome to TOC. :)

The only thing to do with the standard lights is tint them as I have, I'll post better pics tomorrow as I'm at work at the mo.


Your Seo looks cool by the way but you need to lower it!!! Interesting looking install there as well! :thumbsup:

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I'm with the others-Very nice car! It does need to be lowered, though. That's also one of the plans for my seo. I like the blue underbody. I'm planning on red LEDs, but that's far, far off. Are you planning to add tubes to the sides, or just leave it the way it is? B)

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:thumbsup::lol: wow... nice one! esp with the neons!

just curious, did you do anything to the interior?

like neons or leds, etc and have pics?

i am planning to do mine and just would like to see some ideas :)

i agree black is nice for car.. but i prefer red

cos red cars always go faster right! hahaha

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yeah, i need it lowering. Im lookin into getting some spax springs, they should go on a treat but i've come across a prob.


One of the shocks at the back has been leaking!!! I can't believe it. Has anyone any ideas on the cost to sort this out?

I plan to put some blue side neons on eventually but only after some side skirts, i cant stand it when you see cars that have the side neon just stuck on completely visable, i think it defeats the object of the neon!

I have some blue lights in the rear arm hole thingys. They're not as bright as i would like but look good at night and noticable when parked.

Pic of the lights in rear on way soon.

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The shocks seems to be a fault of the car, everyone including me has had the same thing.

There's another thread about it somewhere, can't remember how much mine where to sort now.

I've got Spax springs, good but quite a hard ride. Go Gold to save money on them & tons of other things. :thumbsup:

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well mines done bout 65k and messed up :( nevermind

Is the ride uncomfortable when dropped 40mm?

Can you still carry 3 people in the car after being dropped 40mm? Well if you can fit 3 in!!

The reason i ask is that i normally end up being des down the pub and have to take some people home!!!

I wana slam it but dont want the car to be completely useless.

Did you get the springs fitted professionally?

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