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After putting up with a dodgy remote for weeks I decided I'd had enough and got one today from a local dealer.

Thing is how the hell do you programme it to the alarm? :wacko:

Now I work in a motor factors so I know the lads where I got it from. One reckons you take out the Battery, press both buttons for 10 secs and it's coded, another reckons you have to take out the centre console to get to the alarm brain and press a button whilst pressing one on the remote to code it. I even rang a couple of customers who are auto electricians and got varying answers from them :( But I now know how to recode an Avensis key :P

Thing is I don't wanna trigger the immobiliser by messing about

Does anyone know how to code it as it's now officially doing my head in <_<

Sorry, should have said. It's a TVSS IIIB Toyota alarm.

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Thanks lads, but found out how today. Spoke to a Toyota trained mechanic at a Lexus dealership and he reeled off what I need to do off the top of his head. Brain is behind glove box if you ever have a problem 97 :thumbsup:

Alarm one that is, not mine :lol:

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Picked up this thread as I've been searching for some help with my '97 Rav4 alarm.

It's fitted with a TVSS IIIB as your Paseo is. I wonder if you can remember what the lexus/toyota mechanic said about reprogramming your fob?

It would be much appreciated if you could reply with details. I seem to have a disabled alarm system with just the central locking and immobiliser working. I picked up a remote fob from eBay and I'd like to programme it to the system.



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