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Sub Position


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mine's faceing the back...and port facing sideways.

apparently its good to have the sub face the back, sounds alot better, i heard something about the sound waves travelling longer hence sounding better? no clue, dont quote me on that.

but i have shifted my box around and it does sound best like that.

what sub do you have(or are going to buy)?

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the sub is on the left side of the car because of my wiring, at the mo The port is pointing to the back of the car and the sub is pointing diagonally (upward/back)

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I had a 300W 10" JBL sub in the past, deeper bass than a 12" Alpine 500W, but the JBL didnt last longer maybe cos I had a 360W amp, but the amp was only at 1/2 power

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its a case of trying it in different positions and seeing which one ya like best to be honest.

facing it away is the best way to get the best overall sound, mine face into the the car which makes them alot easier to control

as for the wattage its more important to match the RMS values than the max wattage which believe it or not is a 'ghost' figure and is very misleading


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