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Anybody Know About Toyota Africa Stallions?


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Sat 22 Nov 2008

Hi people, TOLDI here, Just posted a New Member Introduction.

I live near Needham Market in Suffolk, East Coast of UK. :group-cuddles:

I have had a 1993 Toyota Africa Stallion 2100 Single cab 2 wheel drive pickup for a bit over a year now and came upon your site. Anybody else out there got one of these?

Would really appreciate anybody who knows a bit about them letting me know.

My pickup is a White 1993 --- (shown as 1600 cc?? but almost certainly a 1486 cc) ---- 2 wheel drive Toyota Africa Stallion 2100 (I just don't have any clue what that "2100" bit is all about!) --- It has a five speed manual floor change, but was fitted with a 4 speed gear-change knob. I drove it for a fortnight before "discovering" its fifth cog! :oops::jawdrop::rolleyes::jawdrop: :lol2: ---- Built in South Africa but been in UK for many years.

These are S/A :afro: built 'bakkies', don't seem at all common over here in the UK.


Here is some of the Inf. on its identification plates

The Model Number is as follows:



Chassis Number shown as:


(on plate rivetted to front bulkhead or firewall and etched on Left, passenger lower windshield)

and Engine 5K - 1486 cc (Cast in Number) with stamped Number 5K 0488148

(It is shown as a 1600cc on taxation documents, but pretty sure it is a clerical error and is really a 1486cc motor)

Got some other Numbers on the front firewall plate like:

Colour PT 01

Job ----- GC 1900204

Fabriek ---- Z51

Trim --- TROD

Another (screwed on silver plate) has J8S A704 and:

F320144 stamped on it

And yet another, possibly a 'Warning" of some sort screwed on plate which looks like a Toyota original (it is/was blue with silver diagonal lines) on which I can just about make out 'MODEL' then it's unreadable then below:

'35 2742'

If any members can possibly shed any light on any of the numbers etc. or point me towards any other place where you think I may be able to find out about the Africa Stallion model I would be very grateful.

TOLDI :bye:

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Sunday 23 nov 08

Here are 4 pictures of my Toyota Africa Stallion 2100, from snowy Suffolk

anybody familiar with these pickups, comments very welcome.






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2100 ? Maybe load capacity ? 2100 LBS ? Anyway tidy looking pickup :thumbsup:

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2100 ? Maybe load capacity ? 2100 LBS ? Anyway tidy looking pickup :thumbsup:


Good thinking on that, but all its plates show weights in kg's. :unsure: Still maybe correct, I will look and compare these :bookworm: as one plate certainly shows 960kg. ---- Which is just about exactly 2100 lbs.

TOLDI --- :cheers:

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