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Lucida 2.5td Auto Gearbox -help!-

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Hi there, im new and no i dont own the toyota in question, it belongs to someone who works for my father. Basically he has bought an import Lucida 2.5 td with the auto gearbox and all the toys from Japan. He paid fair money for it and now it is giving him trouble with the auto 'box changing out of top gear after he has been driving it for a while. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I will try to find out a lil more n go to tlk to the guy myself, hes a good friend and loyal employee, the replacement gearbox he has been offered is going to cost him £1000ish to buy and fit.

Personally i try to deal with motorcycles, i have a grey import Kawasaki ZZ-R400 which i love but its a pain for bits, so i understand his troubles and if i can help, i would like to!

Any information you could give me would be valuable!



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I to have got the same problem the auto box jumping in and out of gear.

It will do this all the time now so I have unplugged the big plug on the gear box .now I drive it like a manual shifting up and down with the gear stick. The Speedo will not work now so I am thinking it is some think other than a new box maybe a wiring or vacuum fault.

I would be able to make it change gear by turning.

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