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Battery Issues


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Hello all,

Just a quickie, just wondering if anybody knows what Battery i need for my 1994 Toyota Celica 2.0L st202 gen 6.

Somebody before me has stuck a really small Battery on their which is not the right one. Just wondered what everyone else's has on their's.

Many thanks.


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Thebit about too big an amperage capacity Battery burning wires out is complete rot.

Fuses protect over-current situations.

The load, ie the amp when in use, determines how much current is drawn and the Battery will deliver what is needed up to it's capability/capacity. If the Battery is underrated then when you turn on lights, heaters, wipers etc they will either be dim, not work, go slow etc. What happens is that the battery voltage collapses until you turn something off again when if it's in good shape it will recover.

So, a big battery will keep everything going. An underrated battery, at best, will stop working as a battery. At worst it will fail or even overheat.

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