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Look At An '88 Tacoma


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I've been thinking of getting a 4X4 to play with for a while. I recently came across an '88 Tacoma for sale cheap. It's the 4 cyl 5 speed. It apparently is missing the starter and needs the front axles replaced. The truck bed is rough, but the cabin doesn't look too bad. He also said it starts and runs, but the engine knocks.

So, does this sound like a cheap way to get into 4 wheeling? I'm interested in using the truck as a winter beater and mud bogging toy. The price is somewhere between $100 and $300 (need to negociate it yet). Looks like a rebuilt starter is around $100. The axle parts I can probably get from a salvage yard cheap, right?

He thinks I can drive it home from where he is. I guess without a starter I can just push start it?


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Sounds like a cheap way in but what are you getting, a project of work thats gonna see you spending $$$. Even to get it running right, the body is then gonna annoy you and your gonna have to start from scratch with that too.

Go for it you'll love it :thumbsup:

**edit after re-reading your post**

No on second thoughts get a different one, sounds like this one belongs in the breakers yard itself

missing the starter / needs front axle / truck bed is rough / engine knocks

Check 4 wheel drive actually works too before taking it if take it you do

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