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Mk2 Rev 2 Lowering Springs


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Hi guys & girls.

Can anyone give me some advice on the best sports springs to fit on my mr2.

there seems to be plenty to choose from and i would like to get it right.

What are the pro's & cons?

I have 17" wheels (215's on front - 235's on rear)

Thanks . . . . .Tony

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They lowere the Rev1's by 35mm I think and then Rev2+'s by 25mm - something like that ..

Get' rid of the 4x4 stance anyhow ..

If you want full bling .. have a look at MTTE for coilovers ..

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OMG! I just lowered my 93 yesterday...what a :censor: nightmare. I put some new struts and HR springs to bring it down just 1" and when I was pulling it out of the lot....it started poping everytime I turned left. Anybody ever have this happen. The spring is seated poperly....but they said that there should be some rubber pad that the spring should be seated on that isn't there....does that sound right? What should I expect, other than a stiffer ride, when I lowered the car? Im riding on 17's.

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