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Avensis Sedan Audio Quality


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The audio quality of our year 2003 (latest model) Avensis Sedan does not quite meet our expectations. When comparing the audio quality to our Previa from year 2000, the Avensis audio sounds like coming from a low quality system - like coming from a carbon box.

Tuning the bass, treble, balance does not help.

After listening the system the Toyota retailer claimed that the system sounds ok to him and the way Avensis system should sound like.

Does anyone have similar experiences ?

Has anyone successfully improved the system ?

We do have leather seats (luxury package). I wonder does it have any effect.



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I had the Speakers changed. To the front Focal 165V2 (165mm woofer with 25mm voice coil, tweeter, 2-way separate crossover) and to the back DLS B6 (165mm + 16mm tweeter).

All installed the cost was 580€.

With CD the voice quality is good, the improvement is pretty small though.

With FM the voice quality is still pretty bad, there is almost no improvement and I am not happy. The mid frequency tones are not clear. I do not think the problem is in the FM the broadcast quality or in the radio receiver sensitivity. Because the CD audio is ok the problem is not in the amplfier either. Probably the radio is not good or the advanced phase alignment that was supposed to provide superb audio experience, is not working properly with the radio source.

I wonder how difficult it is to replace the original Toyota radio-player with a new brand. Will the steering wheel buttons still work?



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