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Does anyone have a unichip or similar i was wondering

where u got it from?

how much it was?

and what sort of gains were achieved from it??

i know there are chips for the yaris but i was lookin for an adjustable one,to suite the individual vehicle?


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Millway in Andover do them at £400 +VAT(fitted)

Also TDI in Barking East London and Owen Developments.

Fitting and setup time is about 5 hours.

The following quote from another post may be of use to you, see the bottom for links to find your nearest installer.

The Dastek Unichip is a computer in its own right, and is spliced into the cars ECU loom where it intercepts and modifies timing and fuelling instructions from the main ECU to to the engine, to set this up the installer will run the car on a rolling road at various loads and speeds and will use the Unichip to modify the cars ignition advance and fuelling at various points, to ensure that the engine is performaing at its maximum potential. Installation typically takes about 5 hours, I'm going to get one fitted in the new year at Millway in Andover, and have been quoted £400+VAT.

The unichip enables fuel and advance settings that are outside of the Toyota ECUs normal parameters, so with careful setting you should see gains in torque, power AND fuel economy... A mk3 MR2 on MR2-ROC saw an increase in power to nearly 160bhp, (from 138) and a very healthy increase in low end torque.

Using a Unichip will also allow you to make the most of mods that the original ECU was not designed for, such as free flowing exhausts and cold air intakes, and it can even be configured to control additional fueling for turbos, or water injection.

for more details, and your nearest installer try Dastek's Website

Also, take a look at this link at the MR2 Roadster Owners Club to see what difference a Unichip made to the low down torque on a 1.8 N/A Mk3...

The 2 links missing from the above text are:

Dastek's Website

Mk3 MR2 dyno results

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