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Standard Turbos


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and one is in the rev1/2 cars (up to about '94) and then the other is in the Rev3+'s ..

Both your turbo's should be the same .. T22 is after market ..

A T88 is a masive Greddy .. maybe a T22 is a tiny one ..

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There isn't a T22 turbo, there is a T2 which can be found on Renault 5 Turbos, a T25 which can be found on Fiesta Turbos, and the more common T28 which is used on Skyline GTR's, Pulsar GTi-R's etc.

The T28 does have a larger compressor wheel than a CT-26, however the exhaust side is even more restrictive so it wouldn't make a good swap. Also being a single entry turbo you would reach 15psi by around 3800rpm.

Out of interest a T88 wouldn't spool on an MR2 until around 6500 - 6800rpm.

Toyota CT-26 and CT-20b turbos will fit both early and late cars, so if you are on a budget a used CT-20b in good condition would make a nice mild upgrade for anyone with a Rev.1 or Rev.2 car. Remember the extra power isn't coming from the larger compressor, it's because the turbine can flow better on the CT-20b.

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