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Granvia Import

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I have just bought a 3 ltr auto Granvia Import and I am after a work shop manual and some advice on getting the sat nav up in the UK, CD needed. I have a stuck ON interior door light circuit, front only, any ideas please. Big family van goes like a rocket but heavy on diesel.

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I have just purchased likewise. Did you have any luck with Sat Nav? My unit is completely dead. Model Toyota 56000.

Have you tried the helpline from Toyota which is obtainable from Toyota in Sunderland. They are open Tueday thro Thursdays only. Sorry have lost number but if I find it I will send it to you.

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Have you got photo's. Current Lucida owner but always on the look out for an upgrade!

What's "heavy on diesel"? 25mpg? 20.....

Favourite light on trick is the little switch in the door frame which sticks in the rubber. Other possibility is a dicky switch in the unit itself.


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Have you had any luck with the combo unit?

I've just ordered a '96 Granvia 7 seater from Fleet Auto's that has one of these: the sat nav bit worked but only showed Japan (as expected), the TV pics rolled (again as expected as they use NTSC not PAL), but my main question is how do you open the unit to insert CD's and tapes? (I'm making an assumtion here as it has buttons for CD/TAPE/TV1/TV2)

I can see the left-hand top button is marked 'open' but it doesn't, neither did the same unit in another Granvia I looked at (again at Fleet Auto's).



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