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Reving Engine


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i have a AE92 GTI ( the one with the normal plug leads) and the engine rev's to 2500 when cold and when warm the car rev's up and down from 1100 to 1500 :ffs: .I have serviced the car plugs leads all the normal bits any idea how too cure this. it sounds like a cold start switch or control .

:thumbsup: i aquired the car for very little money (i have been impressed at how much fun :thumbsup: the car is )

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Try topping up the coolant level in the Rad.and the expansion bottle first.

If the coolant level has dropped - then the cold start wont work properly and the idle speed is all over the shop(MK 1 MR2's suffer from this).

If that dont cure it - then look for a vaccumn leak around the inlet manifold or from the Vac. hoses.

Hope this helps ya.


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