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Would This Seem Worth The Effort


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well i just had the 1998 MR2 thoroughly inspected 2hrs!

here is what we found


desperate need of clutch as its about to go!

radiator needs new core

2 x rear tyres

2 x front discs

2 x front pads

Full service

radiator flush

brake fluid change

4 new irridum spark plugs

front fog light

bodywork to total of £300

glad i had it checked first!

its done 80,000 miles and only got serviced every 25,000 miles!

he wants £5500 i wont go more than £4500 gonna start at £4000

plus the gimp who promised the earth to get my car pulled out today so MR2 ownership goes back on the drawing board till sold.

(if anyone wants a 2000 w plate black is200 se just give me a shout!)

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Hmmm, some of those party are quite costly, unless you plan on fitting them yyourself. I can see a bill in the region of £1000 +. If the car really needs all this doing, you have to question how well it has been maintained. Brake fluid should rarely need changing at all, it doesn't really do anything - i.e. nothing compared to what engine oil has to do. Why does the fluid need replacing? Has it been contaminated? Has the contamination damaged other parts of the brake system? Why does the radiator need flusing? Remember MR2's have an alloy head. This can be severly damaged if the wrong coolent type is used for example...

Gut feeling - leave well alone, it may sound cheap, but there are better ones out there. For example mines a 1992, has had problems at all, only minor stuff - temp sender, new plugs, leads etc. Maintenance cost inc. tyres, probably around £700 for five years.

Just seen, serviced at 25,000 mile intervals - that means its had around 3 services in its lifetime. I've lost count of the number of times I've serviced mine! With cars, a little maintence often is a good thing, they will last a whole heck of a lot longer.

My advice - forget it!

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the toyota mechanic said he will replace all the stuff for me at a "mate rate" of under £1000.

but from his opinion the motor sounds sweet, shame the clutch just couldnt seem to transfer the power. would have been more fun.

was considering buying it and doing all the work then selling it on again! make a few pennies and get a better 1998 model

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he wants £5500 i wont go more than £4500 gonna start at £4000

I've got a nice white one that you can have for half of the 4k you want to start at..... :D

Get the gearbox replaced at 'mate rate' and keep you Is200 too !! :thumbsup:

You know it makes sense.....

Oh well....worth a try.......

But that does sound like quite a big list of faults for a 98' obviously not looked after very well, £1000 sounds good tho' he must be a good mate, a mate of mine did just my front and rear discs/pads and they came in at just short of £450.....

And how come the bodywork needs attention on such a relatively 'young' car....

I'd give it a miss too, there are plenty more out there....

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