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Lowered Hiace


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I just lowered my super custom van 31/4 inches by compressing the springs. It is very bouncy. almost broke back in 2 hour trip. It's got 18 inch rims with 45 profile tyres. has any one else successfully done this with out it being bumpy? Did I go too low? What is comfortable for lowering the torsion bars on the front? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have one of these also, though have never lowered a vehicle.

Compressing the springs? Would this mean the individual coils 'bottom out' on each other or this my ignorance?

If you try some of the japanese hiace sites (using the altavista babelfish 'bolt on' translator) you may pick some tips/specs up.

Seems to be quite a fad over there, lowering hiaces.

I have read that taking the tension out of the torsion bars would make it bouncier possibly.

Would guess that new shorter rear springs + firmer front shocks may be needed.

A couple of jap sites - kenstyle and addict may be worth a look (dont know how to copy addresses from favourites)

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I have a 87 Hiace, lowered 3inches, blocks in the back and wound down torstion bar, the torsion bar was a !Removed! to wind down! i find the ryd alot bumpyier, the rear axle hits the bumpstops over bumps, i have to cut the stops down. If u want to make it look good its worth a bumpy ryd! Personally it doesnt worry me i love it, u should have seen my face when we lowered it! I Couldnt get the smile off my face for dayz! I still smile everytime i c it!

As for those sites, do u know of ne others???


http://www.kenstyle.co.jp/04_OWNERSCLUB/OW...OWNERS1_15.html <--- CRAZY!!! IM HORNEY!!!


Are u guys into cali/trucker style vans?

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