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Double Din Headunits


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(not sure if this should be in "for sale" ..)

Are there enough people after these ?

I could get a batch together and share postage (would not mind an even more bling one).

Just tell me what you are after ..

Colour/CD/MD/Tape .. Brand? (Sony, Panasonic and Kenwood .. even Alpine double din - bling bling!!)

then I'll have a look and see what my mate can do.

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MP3 Double din is what im really after mate...if not then i would be interested to see what price im lookin at for a Double din CD unit.. again.. not fussed about make as long as it looks the business... :thumbsup:

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Yea go on then I'll have some of that action, although how much £££ are we talking?

I'd want something along the lines of the Kenwood one in the attachment but I'm not fussed about make either.

I need CD which reads CD-R & MP3 files & does radio other than that not fussed as long as it blings & has a kick ***** display. :D

If this takes off Bibbs I'll sticky it for you. :thumbsup:


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Okay lads .. here is the deal ..

I've mailed my mate .. and I remember last time he said it would be easy .. but of course these are off Jap eBay (or equivalent) so he doesn't want to guarentee them etc .. sold as seen style (hence the pics of them running in the links).

I'll wait till I hear back from him (he runs a performance parts import business). He'll also give me a price for DHL (or *might* get them sea freight in a car being imported).

What I'll do then is find a few examples and use XE to give you a rough UK price.

I'll then ask for them to be bid on up to the value that you offer .. then if you get it, add the shipping and then we'll have a price .. may need to add a few % for the Jap guys and for the UK guy .. just to make it fair on them as they'll do the main donkey work ..

Will let ya know ..

And BTW .. for £166 notes (i think) .. CD, MD, WMA, MP3 .. and it's blinging Alpine ..


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the TV's will show a pic, but there is (i think) .. .5 Mhz difference between sound and picture .. and in europe the diff is 1 Mhz ..

When in Oz I had a UK Atari 2600 and could only get sound OR picture ..

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the face come off? Like the put em in your pocket stylie ? Not as far as I know ..

Mine slides horizontal and that's it ..

I wanted to get some metal (the stuff with the marks in opposite directions, in threes) and make a cover to slide over it ..

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