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I-pod & Mp3 Players


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Hi All,

As the topic suggests i have very little knowledge on this subject, my Passat has an aux plug in the glovebox and i think a standard jack plug will allow it to be connected to an IPod/MP3 player.

Now the question are all makes/models able to have a jack plug inserted into them?


Any advice on the best Makes/Models, i want 4GB (as my collection of music is slim!) and i dont want video or the radio etc just music!

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I know the iPod range have a 3.5mm jack (headphone) socket which is most likely be the same connector you have in your glove box. Other mp3 players usually have the 3.5mm socket, some may have a 2.5mm but you can buy adaptors in all good retail shops like Curry's etc.

I personally like Apple products but you do pay a bit more for them. My sister recently bought the new iPod shuffle which is TINY, but is has no display on it so you have to know what you're playing by memory or put it into 'shuffle mode. I think it's only 1gb though.

Just a word of warning with Apple iPods, they won't play anything from Windows Media Player, just iTunes. Apple do this to annoy the hell outta ya, but then Windows do the same on the flip side.


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I think most models will do what you need. With an iPod you are probably paying for the name, I only bought one as most headunits now have "iPod connectivity" which lets you browse artists/albums/playlists through the screen on your head unit..

I'm not sure what stereo gear the Passat uses, but if its alpine supplied (lots of OEM German stuff is)something like this might work:

..::Clicky::.. You don't need the Navi screen to use it.

I have one of these on the way for my car :)

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Thanks for the info, if the 3.5mm is the normal standard on the car & IPod then i should be able to buy any breed.

The Alpine looks a nice bit of kit but as the Passat is my company wagon my expense will be limited to the jack plug, the stereo screen/on board computer shows the track name on it (on some CD's) so i may get lucky. :)

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