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Great Night


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Well it was our fifth Toyota Owners Club Christmas party last night and once again we apparently enjoyed ourselves :rolleyes::lol:

Here are a couple of pictures of our goings on and the rest are HERE :thumbsup:

Check out the "Management" :lol:


The lovely ladies ;)


Best part of the night, They were singing "Hi-de-hi-de-hi-di-hi" and getting people to sing the same line.........Not Andy, he broke into a rendition of "Stand by your man" :lol: :lol: :lol:


Thanks to all that came and lets look forward to number six :thumbsup:


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Awesome night, great food & company! Great to see Xmas party virgins & veterans together having a blast!

Also lovely to meet Mike, who is now officially "one of us" ;)

My pics (and dodgy video of SJ's gob!) are on Facebook! :D :D

And those shoes, fabulous as they were, are being locked away! Was nice to get dressed up properly though! Same again next year!! :thumbsup:

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Wow...................yet another terrific TOC Christmas party :)

Great company, good food, lots of drink, great entertainment and comfy beds ...............thorougly enjoyable.

Good to see all the friends again.

The "TOC bouncers" went down well ......................."We are the Management".............He he :group-cuddles: :meet: :band::clap::cheers::drunk::king::newyear:

Some very good photos there Les...................happy memories ;)

Thanks for getting it together and organising things with your usual efficiency...................Roll on NEXT year

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Had a great night - thanks to everyone for making it fab - thanks for the presents everyone - made me feel so mean for not buying anything for anybody

Those photos are great les - shame i look like a pirate in the one you posted :rolleyes::lol: One eyed tegan - suppose its better than having both eyes shut which is how photos usually turn out lol :D

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Thanks for a great night :)

It was yet another good one, with friendly faces (old and new!) Thank you all for the prezzies... I was so disorganised!

Anne and Les, I will have to send you yours... I'll check I still have your address on my comp ;)

Thank you all for making Mike welcome, seems he had a good time too! ;)

I am looking forward to next year!

Photos... hmm some ace some OMG! lol.. will pop mine up on FB shortly ;)

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Bah humbug. :P

Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas :newyear:

Have you just walked into a brothel there Steve?

Sorry I couldn't make this 1, been really busy recently but it sounds like you's enjoyed yourselves anyway, I'll see if I can make it next year instead

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top night. nice to see some new faces and some old ones too.

felt rough as at work monday night as well as tired but i enjoyed every minute.

roll on next year. :thumbsup:

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Looks like you guys and gals had an amazing night!

Loving the T-shirt Jappy.

Very dapper Les.

Gorgeous dress Teagan.

Hopefully My mk2 will be sorted soon and I'll be back here full time...almost...and joining in all the activities. I really am missing them!!


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