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Power Connection


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The best way, but sometimes not the easiest way, is direct from the Battery :thumbsup:

Don't forget, FUSE THE CABLE :eek: within 18" from the Battery so you can find it easily if it blows. And as a safety rule :thumbsup:

With connecting direct from the Battery, it can prevent other problems from arising as well,

such as, humming & whinning noises, and with the current the amp could be drawing, it could overload the cabling you was going to attach it to within the car, can blow anything that was attached to that wiring loom.

Be safe



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yep connect it straight to the positive side of the Battery and as bing says make sure theres an ample fuse with a foot or so of the terminal

as for gettin into the cabin - there is a big rubber gromit on the passenger side of the bulk head with a load of wires going through the middle and two 'nipple' things either side.

chop one of them off and itll feed through nicely


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chop it off, thats where i went wrong, I pulled it out, tokk me ages now I cant get the thing back in


yeah its a proper !Removed! when that happens!

been there - done it!


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