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I Spy A New Paseo Kit

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i know the whole kit had been cut and pasted to fit the gen 2 seo.

I was speaking to the importer of x-racing, i think his name is andrew and he said that he knows bout the kit but not sure if or when they will make the kit for the gen 2!!!!!

I think that there should be more kits like that for the seo and more accessories for the seo in general. I mean you cant even get clear rear clusters, let alone lexus style ones!!!!

X-racing is awesome, they actually take notice of the seo!!!

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Yea Jackie is the owner - he posts on here every now & then.

Andrew - toyotasera.co.uk - is the UK importer.

Jackie first said it was being made, then when I enquired in about November he said they were to busy to do it, then just before x-mas he said it was on the way so your guess is as good as mine! I'm sure he'll see this thread though & post. :)

Have you checked out the Onderground site for Seo kits? X-Racing is better though & cheaper. :thumbsup:

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yeah ive seen the onderground kit, the booster tuning kit and i think that they both look awesome but the x-racing style is the one ive fallen in love with. It just suits the seo so well.

I hope that Jackie does see this thread, and if you do, PLEASE PLEASE let us know bout the progress of this kit. :yes:

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The one at max live was Oli's paseo, he's a member here & he's just changed his front bumper but hasn't posted pics yet.

Thought the X-Racing kits worked out at about £600 before shipping? J will know more though.

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That price could be wildly out so don't get too excited!

Oli posts every now & then, he said he'd post pics of his new bumper at some point soon.

He was fitting lambo doors ready for the show season as well i think.

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I've been posting bugging Jackie, trying to get some sort of word on when that gen2 kit would come out. That maltese Seo is fantastic. they custom moulded the kit from the 1G on the car. That is the only kit I would fit on mine. Imagine my conv. with that blitz front!!! :eek::eek::eek::drool:

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I know that feeling of the bank balance situation (as im a student) but hey, got to get your priorities right!!! Car then study or is that study then car!!! :lol:

Is anyone here a regular visitor to mean street cruise at arena essex? I wanted to get down there last summer but couldnt and if i can get a kit for my seo this year id love to show it off at a cruise.

Just got to save those pennies for the kit!!! Cant wait to hear when its here and how much its gona be.

:thumbsup: TOC RULES!!!! :thumbsup:

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