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Just Bought Some New Pc Bits!


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No it runs sweet as a nut mate, anyone who tells you different is an ***** and have never used it and just assume.

All my apps and games run superb, and unlike XP64, Vista64 has the ability to drop into 32bit mode if the app doesnt want to play in 64bit mode.

If your not running 64 these days your not making full use of your hardware which is all 64 bit these days.

Ive not had one thing fail due to the 64bit, except for one incompatabilty between a game and XFire but that was a load of toss, didnt stop anything working, just didnt log game stats... big deal lol

Ive been running Vista64 since day one, worst thing ever happened was when nVidia released a naffed up driver, but a week later they have been solid reliable ever since.

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Well I've installed Vista Ultimate 32bit as I couldn't get my hands on a 64bit version.

I used to slate vista on my laptop (I actually installed XP on it as soon as I got it) because it was so slow.

On my new PC it zooms about... I like.

Will I notive any major difference running the 32bit instead of 64bit?

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