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Sony Cdx-m1000tf Cd Player


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hi i just want to know did any one know the sony CDX-M1000TF will work on Yaris and if do what do i need to get fro install by my self and another things i think i will go and buy a 17" BK racing alloy wheel and did any body can tell me is 17" will be too big for the car is they look nice for the car? :unsure:

many thanks

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the sony unit should work with the car the only thing youll need to make life easier is an autoleads harness adaptor available from Halfys for bout a tenner. Then you just need 30mins with a screwdriver and check one of the quality how to write ups available in the workshop submissions on how to get it into the dash

(see pinned topic at top of this forum for a shortcut!!)

as for the 17's if the car hasnt been lowered they should drop on easily with minimal fuss, however if you decide to lower that when ya gonna start encountering problems, especially on the back end, mines been dropped about 60mm on konis and TTE springs and ive had my rear arches rolled and modified most of the front end dirtsheilds, bumper mounts etc....


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