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I am a new bod to this forum having bought a T Sport 3 months ago.

Whilst pleased with the car i do have a few queries with regards to modifications available.

The wheel size and gap between the wheel and the body makes the car look a little awkward from the side. Have any of you changed your alloys for larger sizes 17 or 18's? What makes of alloys and tyres have you used? What are your views on lowering springs aswell?

Any pics of your cars with modified wheels etc would be appreciated! :D

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Hey Steve

I dont have the T-Sport but I do have a T3 Corolla and have changed the standard 15" alloys to a set of 17" Toora 8.

Pictures here... http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/gallery/al...lbum01?&page=78

My car is shown in the last 5 pics on this page (and the first 5 on the next page). There is a nice side profile shot on this page. Getting a larger size wheel does make a difference to its looks.

Tyre wise, I went for a middle-of-the-range Federal, but went for the wide-fit tyres so it protects my alloys from kerbing.

Lowering springs - make sure it is Toyota approved. You have the T-Sport, which means you got the bodykit, so if you get a set of alloys, lowering it makes sense. For mine though, I need a bodykit to make it look right. So am saving up for the bodykit and springs do do in one go.

Anyhoo, welcome to the forums. :D


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I don't have the RSi (T-Sport), but here is my ride anyway. 17x7J Lenso RS5 rims, wrapped in 215/40ZR17 Falken Ziex ZE512 tyres. Lowered by 40mm with Koenic springs. Aesthetically speaking, don't go below 17" for the rims. 18" buggers up the handling a bit, so you need to decide on what you want overall. Also, depending on the balance you want between handling and grip, if you want to be able to induce lift-off oversteer easily, go narrower than 215. And please, lower the car by 40mm or less, but not too much less. Any more, and you will scrape often. The bottom of my car scrapes sometimes even with a 40mm drop.



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