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Christmas Or New Year?


Which do you enjoy most?  

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  1. 1. Which do you enjoy most?

    • Christmas
    • New Year
    • Not fussed about either

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Where's the "Like Both" option?? :P

I have kids, and they're with me for xmas this year! :yahoo:

But i'm still able to go out on New Years and get :drunk: and keep that going right until my birthday at the end of Jan!

Then i plan to have a stay in hospital to sort my liver out :lol:

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erm, where is boxing day?!?! :lol:

love christmas for - going home to see family and dog, friends, cosyness, playing xbox360 in shorts n tshirt all day, FOOD!! and of course prezzies. nothing much happens at christmas for us, which is why i love it!!

the best nigth for me is usually boxing nite! we usually go to our local nite club for some boggying (i say local but its like 30+ miles away!) and it is guranteed that we bump into old heads, people that we havent seen since school, college etc... and everyone is usually happy n merry which is nice!! coupled with good music, it is just the best nite for me! and this year is no exception as we got ol sebastian fontain and marco v playing, so bring it on!! whoop whoop


then theres new year, which is normally the biggest dissapointment of the year! theres so much hype about it leading up to that day/nite, then it is just over in 12 dings!! pretty much like the weekends - thursdays are statistically the happiest day of the week, fridays are still happy but once home from work its starts going down hill, saturday you go out n get drunk and then thats it, its over n its sunday.

i can honesly say that i had just 1 brilliant new year that stands out and it was when the swedish house mafia was playing (i know, dont ask!! :rolleyes: ), after the 12 dings they slowly faded in stardust - 'music sounds better with you' and the whole place just went bananas!! i was actually home and in bed by 3 and i woke up the next day feeling fresh as a daisy.

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Has to be Christmas for me.........................but I also enjoy New Years eve as it gives me a chance to reflect on what has happened over the year past and eagerly anticipate what is to come in the future :thumbsup:

(If I am not in bed by 3 AM I will go home ;) :lol::lol: )

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Christmas for me, finish on the 19th then off till Jan 5th, get to see the family and watch darts every day chillin out eating 48 bags of Chilli Dorito's (over the period) and drinking ale :yahoo:

My birthday is on the 29th so its a whole 2 weeks of good stuff :thumbsup:

New Year is ok provided the Karoke is on for me to have a blast :yahoo:

No kids at the mo, just darts :lol:

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CHRISTMAS!!! But I am a 'Christmas Baby' so I'm still a big kid about it all and I love everything about it.

This year we're going to one of my Brothers Houses for food, my Sister is joining us and we end up playing games in the evening (no, not alcohol ones) and watching TV. Boxing day my other Brother is coming here with his Family for tea and more of the same general xmas activities.

New Years Eve is me and Yves here at home, the Parents will be out and we get something nice for dinner and watch the Jools Holland Hootenanny (sp) show on TV. As we're in a Town alongside the Thames we go outside at midnight to see the fireworks and hear the boats sounding their horns.

Its not right if you don't hear the ships!

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It has to be Christmas day for me, I was born on the 1st Jan so every one has a hang over and doesn't want to drink and all the money was spent at Christmas so prezzies are a bit thin on the ground ... Ha Ho

I should do what the Queen does...........

Be super rich and live in a castle :D

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It has to be christmas for me , my son is like a coiled spring counting down the days to when he can open his pressies , i get great joy from seeing him happy , but more importantly though , he fully understands why we celebrate christmas , sadly a fact that is lost on many , as christmas is seen purely to be about , presents & santa . I also love christmas for the fact it brings people together, plus i have the family round for a few days get together.... great stuff .

New year somehow always seems a bit flat in comparison , and january as whole.

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I voted "Not fussed about either", but on reflection, I do like Christmas. Gone past the time of Kids & Santa for me :crybaby: but the whole family get together in my house, have a nice meal, cooked by my daughter. I wash the dishes :yahoo: :censor:

Not over excited by New Year. Texted Happy New Year's wishes take for ever to get through, due to overload of the system.

I have a friend in the Basque Lands & she drives up into the mountains on New Years Eve to a Temescal. This apparently is a type of sauna . They drink herbal teas to purify the system & cool down in the snow when they come out. Then there is guitar playing, food, drink & singing. Sounds fun. She says (indignantly :rolleyes: ) that they DO wear clothes in the hut. :wacko:

Maybe some year :thumbsup:

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Not over excited by New Year. Texted Happy New Year's wishes take for ever to get through, due to overload of the system.


i always spend my last 45-30 min of the year texting happy new years wishes to people, before the mad rush! :)

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