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190 (189bhp) versions have either 190 or TSport written on the back. Although im not 100% sure because i heard somewhere that they may only have VVTL-I on them. If its got VVT-I i.e missing the L its a 140bhp version for sure. :thumbsup:

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I believe there is a '190' Badge on the back, or a 'T' Badge (for T-sport), actually even these VVTL-i engined cars only have 'VVT-i' badges on the body work - bizarre I know.

Easiest way to check - get them to pop the bonnet up, it should say 'VVTL-i' on the engine.

Or, look at the rev limiter, 8000rpm on the VVT-i, 9000rpm on the VVTL-i.

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Quick update.

Went to see the car yesterday, armed with the info from you guys.

Turned out to be a 140 and not a 190 as advertised.

Not going to pursue it any further, as £14995 didn't seem a particularly good price.

Any comments on Top Gear magazine's quote "Don't be put off by the less powerful version, it's still fun and a lot more affordable"

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The 140 is quite fast, 0-60 in 8.7 (190 is 7.2, although pre-facelifted model was quoted at 7.4).

When I was faced with the choice between the 2 I went for the 140 - simply cos the extra power is all above 6,200rpm. And who drives around at those sort of revs anyway. I figured it just wasn't worth the extra money.

Depends what sort of speed you're used to.

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