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G6r Corolla 6 Speed Gearbox In 1.6 Avensis, Will It Work?


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My gearbox seemingly has to come out of my car to fit my new clutch :ffs: . So, i had a whacky idea :huh: , if it has to come out for a few hours to get the new clutch in, why not stick in a 6 speed gearbox out of a G6R Corolla B) , which has the exact same engine 4A-FE, so i'm thinking along the lines of directly bolt on job. However, i'm making an uneducated guess just by listening to a G6R take off, that it has a closer gear ratio than my 1.6 Avensis, and that it would pull my Avensis a lot faster off the mark and up the gears. Just wondering has anyone any light to shed on this idea? Have you ever tried it or thought about it? I have 2 mechanic friends, 1 says it won't make a difference apart from havin a 6 speed, the other reckons it'd be quicker. Basically, what i'm asking is - will my Avensis be quicker running a Corolla G6R gearbox but more importantly will it fit?? Personally, i think it will :yes: , but is there anyone to support me or else discourage me?

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Hi mate, get a hold of the gear ratios of the two boxes, usually front in the brouche, it the 6speed has closer ratios then it will make your car accelerate quicker. Vauxhall boys are always swapping gear boxes. I cant say if it will fit tho.

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