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Another Insuarance Post.


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The time has come to check out how much it's gonna cost me to insure the MR2 G Limited...

At the age of 20 it's obviously going to be steep and I'm gonna be doing a fair amount of shopping around but I was wondering if anybody here could reccommend any specific companies,preferably ones that take pass plus into account as well as NCB and all the rest of it!

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Liverpool Victoria :thumbsup:

You can mod anything you like with them & it won't effect your policy, as long as it aint an engine conversion, imports are difficult as well. :)

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imports are difficult as well. :)

Hmmmm that could be a problem then... Something to do with the cars mileage being in kilometers and not miles, apparently ;)

I might try Norwhich Union first and ask them to "quote me reasonable."

They did the business on the Golf.

Will definitely try Dorset - Cheers, Bibbs (AGAIN)!

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Thought someone on here said Elephant.co.uk were ok?

Depends on who rings from where!...

I got a quote for my Celica for £2500 where as i manged to get it elsewhere for £935...

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