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Warm Up Time


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I give my car about five mins to warm up in the morning but it still seems to struggle when its just about to enter spool up, it starts chugging and basically tells u not to floor the pedal or something bad will happen but after bout ten mins it seems to come to life....! anyone get this or just me , it feels if i`ve no power until its been ran for a while.....if it was slight i wouldnt mention it... :( The car lay for two years but its been runnin for a month solid now, if this helps..?

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5 mins to warm up? you are joking right?

you shouldnt be spooling the turbo until the oil temp is warm, which is after about 15-20mins of steady driving

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what she said ^^^^^^^^

i never even think about boost or 3k rpm +, until it is fully warm, which does take around the time stated by Miss McBummin.


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I agree too!!!!

I used to never take the supra over 3K untill it was thoroughly warm and the oil temp was where it should be....

Oddly enough on the 'M there are a load of lighhts around the rev counter from the red line to 4k rpm... they gradually go out as the engine warms up to remind you not to over rev from cold...

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