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My Latest Mr2 Turbo


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Yup, that spoiler is unforgiveable lol

All in all nice car though... I'd personally paint all the carb0n bits body colour, lose the spoiler, rear over and max power front splitters... but thats just me!

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whats your plans Rash? are you keeping it, selling as is, breaking it, returning to stock?

I'll buy a few bits off you, PM me

After reading the above comments, I think he'll burn it! :unsure:

its whats underneath that counts, there are some very trick goodies on that car! ;)

btw, i hate the looks of it too....

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:D not sure what i'm doing with it to be honest... Have it parked in my garage but if i sell my Honda NSX then i'll keep the MR2 however if the NSX doesnt sell then i may take some bits off it and sell the car..


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Not sure on power but feels very torquey....!! i'd hazard a gues of around 300/280 bhp/t

however with regards to the spoiler - It serves a purpose when you are travelling at 160mph :)

Have a read :)



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