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4age Seo Swap

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Okay, so I'm going to post hog for a while here, because I'm going to update my site, as I have time on this holiday weekend! Basically, I'm going to start three threads about the main engine swaps for the Paseo, and I'm looking to find out as much about every swap and what's needed for it to work correctly(i.e. new mounts, tranny, etc.).

I'm really working on making my site the best 'Seo resource page online, and, as far as I've seen, no other pages feature swap info. Thanks a ton in advance for your help, as I know I can trust my TOC mates to come through for me!!! :D

In this thread, lets start with the 4e-fte

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As far as I know the 3gste is not an easy swap to the point of being impossible?

The do-able one's would be the 4EFTE & 4AGE. :thumbsup:

Damn I want a 4E!! :( :rolleyes: :D

I've joined these posts as they cover the same topic. :thumbsup:

p.s what holiday is it over there for you guys?

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Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday


No-one seems to have definate answers about the Seo & engine swaps, except maybe the 4EFTE.

Check the post I made about it in the week, Andrew toyotasera.co.uk was very helpful, you can get some stuff from that post.

Also there was a sticky on paseopimp regarding it, you could have a look there maybe? :)

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i guess i could help out with what i know... i know the 4efte basically bolts rite in... you just need the 4efte ecu or a 5e/4efte custom harness to make it all work.

AS far as the 4age... there is a s :censor: tload of customization required for this swap. Engine mounts need to be fabricated, custom harnesses made, and axles need to be replaced. (plus a new suspension would be necessary to handle the extra load)

One might as well forget about the 3sgte. This swap is simply not practical. Everything needs to be custom made for this swap. Mounts, wiring, tranny, axles, ecu, it is so much work that it is simply not practical. There is one person i know who is doing this swap. Trevor from BYP. And this is because he has swapped countless 4efte's, 5e turbo's, and 4age's into many paseo/tercel.

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Thank you platanazo, that's very helpful, and Si, I never go to pimp anymore, because I got tired of the people there.

Any more help would be greatly appreciated, and the main interest of this topic is to list the parts that either translate between the engines or need to be replaced.

thanks again!


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Not sure if this is any good to you, from the Fensport site:

For a complete conversion you will need the following as a minimum

Complete EP82 engine complete with all ancillaries to run, including, wiring loom & ecu, starter, alternator, coil & igniter,intercooler, gearbox, driveshafts, front hubs and brakes

Optional upgrades:

Fensport Custom built Front Mount Intercooler especcially for the 4EFTE transplant.

Uprated Fuel pump 176Litre/hour @3 bar pressure.

Thats not specific info to the Paseo but I'm sure Andrew said he thought the Seo would need the uprated fuel pump.

Regarding the 4E & 4A-GE 20v Silver Top JBmotorsport just says:

With modifications it can be transplanted into a range of UK Toyotas including:

Paseo (Cynos) EL44 EL54

Andrew says this regarding the 4EFTE conversion:

Can't speak from a Paseo POV, but from a Sera POV...

Installation - straightforward - same engine mounts means fitting is easy Used half of Starlet exhaust and then mated to Sera system somewhere near back along a straight bit of pipe

Electrics - easy. Had to move some sensors - eg exhaust temp probe had to be moved from under driver to front of engine bay - merely needed wires lengthening. Some wires had different terminals so those were pruned from Starlet donor car. Took roughly 2 hours

Had to run two wires to ECU. ECUs swapped over, Sera has 2 plug ECU. Manual Starlets have a 2 plug ECU,

Body - had to make a hybrid bonnet from Starlet and Sera. Hardest part. With a bit of messing about I suppose I could have relocated to front bumper, but I like my bonnet... 

Fuel pump - same as Sera. Not sure about Paseo

Mechanical conversion - roughly 15-20 hours

Bonnet conversion - not sure how long that took...

The bonnet: You would either have fit a scoop to duct air in and through the top mounted i/c or fit a front mounted I/C. There may be more room on a Paseo to do this than on a Sera. The latter will mean less bodywork, but you would need custom piping and an intercooler.

Hope thats some sort of help, not sure it is though! :thumbsup:

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