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G7 Leak Problem


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I have a "sealing" problem with my G7 celica. I noticed that the passenger seat belt was getting very wet when it rained, i took the car to a garage, where he removed the interior plastic panels and found large amounts of water had entered and filled up the seat well under the left side of the back seat.

his diagnosis was a seal problem around the rear passenger side window, water was going round the window seal and somehow getting in the car, maybe inbetween the panelling under the window

i took it to an autoglass specialists where they inspected the window and seal, couldnt find any problem with it, but i had a new window fitted anyway (as its one piece the whole glass and seals are replaced)

i thought this had fixed the problem, but after another bout of rain, it persisted. I took the car back to the glass guys, where they inspected the window and found no faults with the fitting or seals

the garage suggested i try a bodywork specialist, after two days the only thing they could find was one seal that looked like it had been previously removed and not bonded or stuck back adequately (which they then did)

again, more rain proved that the problem was still there.

Anyone found a similar problem or have an idea of a solution?

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That's not good. Ok have you thought of the following:


Passenger window not up fully.

Passenger window seal not closing up against the rubber properly.

I'd guess it's to do with the passenger window. As the window closes up against the rubber, I bet it's not making a good enough seal. This is apparent if you jet wash the car & spray the hose over the window at the top or edge.

Might be worth just trying that!

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no sunroof

the problem is around the rear side window

the glass and window seals are sound, but water is still getting in

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The most likely cause of this is NOT the window but from the boot......

Due to the shape of the boot floor the water in the boot WILL run into the back passenger seats (has little tunnels in the rear boot, which water will flow into)

The most likely cause of water from the boot will be either the rear spoiler (add a bit of silicone sealant)... or the rear light clusters... remove and inspect foam plate... and replace/ add sealant.

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turns out there maybe a crack in the frame or panel weld above the passenger rear window

the bodyshop have noticed the back side panels have been resprayed so it looks like the previous owner had an accident in it and never mentioned it, and had it repaired by mates so its not on the cars history

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