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What's Going On With Mr2 Prices ?


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I've just been browsing the Autotrader site and I must say I am a little shocked at the prices that some of these cars are been advertised at !

For example a 91' H plate UK GT-Tbar with 80k on £3995. !?! :blink:

And all manner of H/J/K reg cars whose prices range from 2-5k ?

Has there been a sudden rise in the collectability of these cars ? The prices seen to have risen on average by about £1500 on your average car compared to when I bought my 2 . :eek:

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Aye MR2s have become pretty damn expensive which is good for current owners only. If you look at jap 'sports car' importers in autotrader theres no late spec mr2s at all or there will be like..one.. and itll be £11,000 or something just as stupid.

Buying my car back in sept I know how hard it was lookin for em. Rev3+ were so so exspensive. I was REALLY close to buying a stock red late 94 Rev3 T bar with 55k for £7.5k! as I was desperate but I got the bargain of the century when I found my current '2'.

Anyway I asked importers up scotland why there was such a lack of rev3+ mr2s and plenty of supras,GT4s, R33/32s, evos, scoobs etc etc. They all told me they were being sold for exceptionally high prices in Japan due to a Australian and NZ importers suddenly buying them all up making them go for higher than normal bidding prices. The UK importers couldnt compete and it wasnt profitable for them to get mr2s into the UK thru last summer as A)the additional cost will just be passed to us, the consumers and B ) why on earth will you pay 11k for a 96 tubby cos lets face it..its not THAT desirable..much better to get that cheaper evo over instead. Youre talking massive bulk buys by the Oz guys too. Note I am mainly talking about the Revision 3 onward models, the rev1/2 were not being sought after in the buying frenzy)

This price effect must have trickled to the general prices of mr2s in the uk as a whole increasing thier value too I suspect.

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Hmmm I may have to look into the amount I've insured mine for. A 1992 Rev 2, 60,000 miles, Red and pretty standard - what's that worth now? It was around £4000 a year ago, what would you pitch it at now?

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