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Is Anyone On Vodafone?

Pompey Gaz

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a friend of mine has seen a decent deal of 60 mins and unlimited texts for £25 a month with a free Samsung soul and bose headphones and was wondering if thats a decent deal? Jess gets the same for £35.

Is anyone onodafone? what are they like reception wise and customer service wise?

any advice to pass on to him would be great


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My friend works for Vodafone at their Head Office and got my sister a fairly good deal, £15 with 600 mins

But the customer service has been shocking, they have overcharged her twice and she has to ring them at least once a month because of one issue - they even cut her off a couple of months back for no reason!

So yeah, deals are cheap but seems like you get what you pay for! O2 have been fab for me.

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I was on Vodafone years ago, they were so :censor: i will never go back regardless of how good a deal they offer.

Been with O2 since they were "BT Genie" and up until recently my deal was better than staff rates much to my mates disgust! :lol:

O2 are in a completely different league to Vodafone, i'd recommend your friend tries them first.

I get 500 off peak mins, 500 text messages, 50 x network mins & 500 WAP minutes all for £20/month :D

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I have been with vodafone on and off for well over 10 years!

Mainly because they have the best reception nationally, and are the only people to offer decent reception where I live out in the sticks...

I just upgraded and got a Sony Erisson C902, £25 a month, 100 texts, 200 minutes any time, £50 credit towards future bills and £25 credit towards accessories (I got a car charger and 2 gb memory card, the £10 balance is to go towards my bills).

It is highly annoying how they "brand" the phones.

All my menus are changed, all look ugly with vodafone styled icons ans logos, they also changed the "contacts" soft key to the internet "voda live" shortcut. Luckily a firmware flash has sorted this ;) now I just need to get rid of the ugly "vodafone" logo where it should sat "Cyber-shot"

The customer service is rubbish too, although the people in the stores are good!

Random trivia, My dad was offered the job of MD of Vodafone in the late 80s.... but declined as "Mobile phones will never catch on"


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I found Vodafone expensive with poor signal quality where I live now and where I used to live in Scotland. I swapped to 3 network with a better fone and almost constant 3G network.

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been with vodafone for about 5 years now, main reason was vodafone family, £5 a month and up to four of you can call each other free as often as you like (call must be less than 60 mins long) means our son can always call us whether he has any credit or not. have just upgraded him to a sim only deal £20 a month no minimum term and he gets 600 mins and unlimited texts plus friiends and family for free so its only really costing £15 a month, customer service is a bit rubbish but dont need to call them that often

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never been on vodaphone!! always think they are a bit behing with the models of phones they have...

im on t mobile.....get £200 pounds worth of credit to use however i like........for £25 pound!!!!! and a new Samsung tocco!!!

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I am with Vodaphone on the company phone -

Lauren, think Vodaphone are a bit behind on phone models? - I got a replacement a few months ago .... NO bluetooth, NO GPRS, NO MMS, NO speakerphone, NO Camera - super or what :rolleyes:

No comment on cost as I don't pay for it, Reception seems fine

Value wise, I don't think you can beat T-Mobile as an overall package

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