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Flat Battery Question


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Hello everyone, hope you all had a great Christmas. I have a Gen 7 Celica. I had my MOT done at the Toyota dealer on 23rd December. Passed with no problems. The next day the car started first time, I drove 10 miles to play golf. Upon returning to the car a few hours later the Battery was flat. I checked I hadn't left any lights etc on. Got a jumpstart. Tried starting the car two hours later and again on the 25th. No problem. Tried again today to find Battery flat again. It's not a sealed Battery, it's one with several vents along the top you can open and top up. Water level is covering the cells so looks ok. Would like to call RAC and get them to replace battery. Is this ok? Or is it worth taking the car to Toyota dealer for battery check and replacement by Toyota mechanis? Is there any particular type of battery for a Celica I should ask the RAC to install? Thanks and kind regards.

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pre face lift takes a 005

face lift is not quite as tall and is a 053

HTH :)

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Normally, if you've got a Battery that's on it's way out - this time of year with the colder temperatures will make it show up.

But, it doesn't do a car Battery much good if it does go flat as they are not designed to be deep cycled. It's a shame you can't give it a good charge somehow. If you feel everything is ok with the car, then it may pay to just change the Battery if it's been on the car sort of more than 4 years anyway.

If you're unsure though, perhaps get the car checked over first to make sure there's nothing untoward draining your battery.


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