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Taking Avenis (2002) To An Independent Garage


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I was wondering - my Avensis now has done 100,000 miles and I was rather unimpresed with my Toyota garage last time I took it there - both in terms of cost and level of service

How difficult is it to service an Avensis? Could any indepenent garage do it?

What about if the engine malfunction (or what ever the light is called) comes on? Would an indpenent be able to diagonise it or would it mean a trip to franchise dealer be recquired any way!

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yh if they have a diagnostic computer

Servicing can be done by any competant mechanic, as for diagnostics, it depends what equipment they have but if all else fails, take it to Mr T when the need arises.

Many independant garages will do just as good a job (or better) as a franchised dealer.

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