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Rav 4.1 Sway Bars / Arb's

Smiler AS

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Hi all, as the topic says.

I have recently bought a 1999 Rav 4.1 but im looking to tighten up the handling, have ordered H&R springs plus the Cusco upper and lower braces.

With my Impreza I had bought Whiteline ARB's which made a huge difference and im wondering if i can get for the Rav.

Any thoughts and suggestions appreciated?

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Can't help with your problem but may i welcome you to the site , this must be the first Rav4 Giant to join, the Giant is by far my favorite 3 door rav4.1 and i guess a rare site on the roads :)

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Cheers for comment.

It wasnt until I had bought it locally that I realised how rare it was.

I had bought on its condition and full toyota service history initially.

Ive noticed Bothwell buyer is also a Scotsman or a Scottish resident at least and he has done a "few mods" to his Rav's - hopefully steer me in the right direction.

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Hi and welcome -

No - I'm not emerging from a drunken stupour - that happens later!!

Been out and about after a quiet night last night.

I have 2 sway bars from Addco (?) in the USA. One is fitted to number 2 RAV, which has the original exhaust still fitted altho the engine is a 3SGTE turbo.

The number 1 RAV has the brackets fixed, but I have to get the custom exhaust altered to suit the rear bar.

I have only had number 2 RAV on the road for 2 weeks but it does seem to make a difference to the back end. Number 1 RAV suffers from rear end hop and I'm 'hopping' that the sway bar will help to tame it....and its 240+bhp that its running. Fitting polybushes (thats I've been waiting 3 months to come from USA) will complete the total rebuild of number 1s rear end....then we can go about upgrading the turbo to go up towards 350+bhp.

I've got adjustable Konis fitted alround at the stiffest setting. We're still pondering on the springs for number 1.

folk keep asking for photos so heres some taken on Christmas Eve.....






Both cars are GX s but M52 (number1) acquired the GS sticker later on in life following respray of a rear panel!!

Number 1 was getting angel eye headlamps fitted at the time of photos hence the bonnet up and a missing light! Number 2 sits higher as its wearing 235/60 x 16 where number 1 has 225/40 x 18s.

Believe it or not the photos were taken during the day using flash on a Pentax DSLR K20 !! The light was just so poor.

On M55, you might just see the drop links for the rear bar.

I got 1 bar sent to me which cost an arm and a leg for postage and the second was picked up by my lovely wife who happened to be on holiday in NY early this year when the dollar was low. = no shipping cost!!

There are a number of suppliers in the USA to compare them not so much on the price, but the shipping cost.

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Very nice, on both cars.

Yep found a few sites in USA with Addco bars, just need to hassle them for postage delivery - cheers very much for the info.

I just noticed on Rav No. 1 you have aftermarket seats, thats soon to follow on my to do list too.

What make are the seats and where the h**l did you manage find seat rails / fixings?

(seats might just come before the sway bar if they are easily obtainable)

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Oh well after a family swally -

I think the seats are Monaco???? will check in the morning!!

I actually used the seats (bought 2nd hand from ebay) with the original seat frame/runners and welded things so it all worked. I have long legs / 6'2" tall so I needed to keep a sliding mech for others (mechanics) to use it to be able to suss out probs. Bit of a bgr and I intend to re-do the seat frame again.

So - don't thro out yopur original seats or fixings !! You'll need them.I cut down the seat frame to suit the new seat, but I needed to re-fix the original seat belt buckle as some (most?) MOT stations require that. had to do a bit of MIG welding and add some steel brackets......let me look in the morning and get back to you.

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The seats are Cobra Monaco S - bought off eBay at about half price as they were slightly used. The paddings quite thin, but surprisingly comfortable and it holds my body firmly - ie I'm wedged in !!!! Being 21st perhaps doesn't help??

I've found theres an art to getting in - left leg into cab first then duck down and put head in with right leg trailing last!!! :lol:

I need to lower the seat slightly which might mean having to surrender the sliding mech - the front lip of the seat is a bit high and I can feel it on long journeys. Not sure if theres other seats with a seat frame you can get - try searching the various sites and in USA as welll as there are a lot of 4.1s over there.

The problem with the RAV seat frame is that it fastens to the prop tunnel.

My current configeration and seat choice means that the rear seats are inaccessible, but as I'm carrying enough weight, I took those seats out. A reclining seat would sort that.

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Nice going Bothy - what with the numbers and all!!!

You need Thunderbird 1 and 2 stickers.


Thats a nice looking car. Any chance of posting a decent photo or two?


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Images as requested (nicked them the advert that sold me the car)...

Must admit do like the idea of the turbo engine conversion...but il keep that in mind for way in future.

For now will do the handling and seats... think a set of red and black bucket sports seats would look good in the Giant.

Sounds a bit off work getting the original rails on to aftermarket seats so wish me luck there!

Will get updated pics with flaps and roof rails off next time car is clean(ish)!




and one of "my precious!"


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That is the nicest 4.1 I have ever clapped eyes on.

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Great looking Rav4.1, if you get time maybe you can add them to the RAV4 photo thread.....cheers.

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