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2001 Camery Check Eng Lamp On Please Help!


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Guys and Gals

First Post here. My girlfriends low mileage <8K> 2001 Camry <Inline 4cyl> had the check eng lamp come on this weekend. I'm down with the flu so I could only suggest small things to check like a loose fuel cap for example.

Without a OBD2 scanner, can I pull codes? I know some domestics like Chrysler/Jeep would allow you to cycle the ign key and you would enter self test mode. Counting the flashes would in turn give you the start, code, and end of test sequence.

In the event I can get a scanner where might the self test connector be? Is it a standard looking OBD2 style?

Her warrantee expires in a few short weeks so I'm looking to nip this in the bud if at all possible.

Thanks much and have a great weekend all!

Tommy in NY :help:

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