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Any Comedians On Here?


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anyone here help me i'm going on holiday in couple of weeks, there is 9 of us going to andorra

it's mixed girls an boys an some doing skiing others doing snowboarding

now were after making up our own jumpers with some kind of funny quote, piture etc to do with skiing/snowboarding

last year we went to lapland and had on the front 'on the piste with santa' and on the back 'lapland 08'

any ideas would be great


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I deal with them on a daily basis, a guy just phoned up to order a fuel tank, when I priced it he said "Sorry I didnt mean a fuel tank, I meant the oil sump" Doh! :D: :D: He was a joker

Q Whats the difference between a snowboard beginner and a snowboard instructor?

A About a week

Q How many ski instructors does it take to change a lightbulb?

A 2. One to change the bulb and the other to say "Nice turn, nice turn"

Both "Jokes" unashamedly ripped off the net ;)

Kingo :thumbsup:

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thanks everyone for takin time for ideas, dunno wot were doin yet

other idea's i have are:

''it's all downhill from here''

''artic monkey's - falling on your bum'' instead of mardy bum

''snow patrol - chasing ski's'' instead of chasing cars

''bored!!!!! then board''

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thats pretty cool, however i reccommend you wear more than just a jumper, i hear its pretty chilly!!

ps... I'm so Jealous!!! I haven't ski'd for a good 10 years.... last time was at Heavenly, Lake tahoe

Also, make sure you wear clean underwear, you never know what might happen :rolleyes:


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ha ha seen that pic in paper today, in the paper it said loadsa people rushed to him........................TO TAKE PICS HA HA!!!!!!!

yeah can't wait to get over there, it's only my second time

but if the dare that has been set happens, then i'll wearing a lot less than a jumper!!!!!!!! just my birthday suit lol

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