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Carina E


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Got starting problems, some times its ok sometimes it takes 3 or 4 clicks. The Battery seems fine and it won't always start from another cars via jumper leads. I am sure its the starter motor and not the Battery or key (note i have been told carina's have key problems). I have stripped down the starter motor and all looks fine. I have noticed its a bit of a bad design on the + side of the Battery (funny clamp) Any body had starter motor problems on a carina? Starter motors £89 from the local Toyota dealer cheaper than other dealers in the area. Will get if i am 100% sure thats the fault.

Its a dec 92, 2 ltr

Ps i thought Fords were bad till i got this car. This is one of many problems with this car. Only had 29k on it when i got it from a one private owner, who i new!

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They do suffer with the solenoid on the starter motor not pulling in properly due to worn/arced copper contacts.

If you take the starter off again :( and strip the end plate off the solenoid,you will see a copper plunger which makes contact with the copper ring at the bottom.

The ring normally shows signs of arcing and you can turn it upside down to get a clean contact face.

Clean the plunger and ring with contact electrical cleaner and re-assemble - dont use WD40 etc as this will attract dust and dirt - and stop it from operating correctly.

This will normally get you another 20,000 miles of life out of it.


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Thanks you for the advise i will try this tomorow. I did notice that copper ring before and it was clean but it was pitted like it had been sand blasted. Will let you know if all goes well. Thanks

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Put it back together for now but its a fraction better, could not see how to get that copper ring off! The contacts are clean but i think they are very bably worn esp where the two contacts are at the base, if i could turn the copper ring it might give it some more life.

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