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Yaris T-sport Shell


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As you know ive written off my Yaris T-Sport but the car has only been written off because it needs a new Shell, and labour and so on the cant justify doing it, so i was wondering if any of you ppl know of a Yaris Shell going anywhere which i could then get a few ppl in the business to install for me at a fraction of the price that a insurance company would use?

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to find one would be near impossible, to buy it would probably cost a small fortune, the amount of time wasted wouldnt be necessary, and itll cost a bomb to get it all fitted, then itll probably need jigging to make sure, it mite be a !Removed! to fit properly and then not look right with unequal panel gaps etc..... and try explainin it to the DVLA

be easier to look for a new t-sport all together!


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I don't know if I fully agree with the previous posts, but read on...

I've known people who have reshelled write-offs before for reasonable money - it's just a case of finding a Shell in good condition and putting the work into the transfer of parts. Admittedly these people I knew were in the trade, so the hours were never counted, and they had access to the tools and know-how. You must take into acount that it is a total rebuild, and you'll need powered lock-up space during the majority of the operation. You may also need access to specialised tools for dismantling several areas. A hoist is also pretty essential.

You'll definitely need to get the Shell jigged unless you find a new one. For the panel fits etc... it should be OK. Things like wiring looms & interior trim are the really fiddly parts, and I'd make sure that the brakes are fitted by an expert.

You also need to get the car fully inspected to get the chassis number and so on properly registered. These used to run under a Q plate (except in rare circumstances), but I don't know if there have been any chages in the legislation. The DVLA are well aware of reshells and can help you with the administrative process. You can also talk to a local garage.

The real question is: is it worth it?

Even with what I've said above, I don't think so, unless you, or some close friends, are in the trade as it is a hassle as well as time consuming. There is also the risk that something goes wrong :eek: The people I knew did reshells on rally prepared RS Cosworths and so on where the money was a more important issue, and the shells were fairly easy to get hold of (my local scrappy at the time always had a few Sierra & Escort shells ready to fit up). In your case, I'd say take the money and get a new one, even if it is a new second hand one :D .

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