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New Sat Nav.


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I am treating myself to a new sat nav..(in the sales)

What's hot and what's not???

I am not looking for whistles and bells and nothing over £100......just the usual traffic updates, safety camera locations etc.

Any ideas? :unsure:

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there wasn't anything wrong with the old one though was there?

Not really, no.....It was the V2 and still going strong.......although the maps were out of date and the windscreen holder broke last week. :(

All very fixable problems I am sure, except I cant find my usb cable and cant remember my passwords.....and this new one is more compact and newer and with upto date technology :P

So there.....

I know what your thinking Rich and your probably right. :rolleyes:

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Reminds me.... I still need to redo my Sat Nav.. and reinstall it... the benefits of having one on a PDA I guess... it disappears! lol

I thought the maps were all easily updatable these days...

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i have had a pda with sat nav on it ( no signal) a road angel sat nav v good and now got a tom tom 1 does the job. but the best i use is a old fashioned map!!!! cant beat it! ;)

I have a RoadAngel navigator and I thought they were good untill I got a TomTom oneXL ;)

I had a call from RoadAngel yesterday asking why I hadn't updated the navigator and when I told them that compared to other makes it was absolute rubbish, the strange thing is she actually agreed with me!! :blink:

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That's the point though Andie......I just wanted something that could get from A to B and to let me know when there was a camera ahead, and as for texting whilst driving...not for me. ^_^

Im so excited (it doesn't take much these days) ...should get it tomorrow. :D

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