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Exhuast System For The Mister Two...


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MR2 I'm now almost certainly getting has a bit of a problem - Massve 5" slash cut powerflow exhaust.

It sounds fantastic but really isn't my style any more and I'd like to fit something smaller and more modest looking (it is, afterall, a N/A MR2). It still has to sound good though!

Could I, in theory, just fit smaller exhaust tips or would I have to get a whole new system?

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In theory I suspect doing this would be fine. How are you going to attach the tips - i.e. cut off the old ones and taper the pipe down to a smaller exit. You'd need to do a bit of welding.

The only thing you need to ensure is that your new, smaller pipe does not restrict exhaust flow. Is the existing pipe a twin a or single side exhaust.

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It's a twin pipe...

I don't actually know how the assembly of this particular exhuast works to be honest!

I guess I could probably take it to a powerflow place and get a smaller back box(es) put on, but you're right - I wouldn't want an otherwise free flowing exhaust to become restricted right at the end. Maybe I'll just give them a call. I would've thought something like a 2" bore should be fine.

I'd just prefer something a little less outrageous-looking (but still great sounding).

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