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My Mate And I Are Terrorists


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As someone may remember im a surveyor and back again working on A49 in central warrington. We were surveying away with usual equipment n Hi viz jackets when we hear 2 police cars coming closer didnt think anything of it as tons around there. well one of them pulls onto central reservation (i was like i %$( what have i done) and policeman comes over to me asks me questions searches me and all equipment etc and another car does same to my work mate on other side of road and rings our office checks id blah blah.

Turns out some old woamn has reported us for acting suspicious saying we were terrorits etc. so the police had to come out and check up on it. They said they know were surveyors but as the woman lives opposite she would be making sure the police do check us out.

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In the good ol USA, Sikh people (originally from India) had thier heads blown off just cos they happen to wear thier traditional turban. Therefore the unbathed population thought they were Osama henchmen :wacko:.

So consider yourself lucky cos that Granny mighta came out and attacked you with her knitting needles :lol:

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