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my local dealer is a tit. when i mention a surf he looks at me as if i just kikt his wifes ***** hehe. i removed the valance and can see roughly how i would fit it. i wanted more floor clearonce though. but i suppose when i fit my 35" tyres it will all be sorted. thats if i ever afford the fekrs. cheers for the help.

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how much is a winch?? i'm also thinking about jacking the old girl up??

loads of winches available - I fitted a hefty Champion one for my trailer and its great. One thing I have found is needing to keep track of the hand switch and wire....either buy a wireless control one or hard wire it in!!

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i got mine from eBay from .. winchsol i got it a tad cheaper but even buy it now there only £240. you will get the fairlead rollers to . and also wired and wireless remotes. you will have to buy a seperate winch mount plate. or make your own as i did. then mount the badboy wherever. like this


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